12-Year Old Son Loves My Glock 40 and 9mm

by dave on April 2, 2011

12 year old love glock 40 and 9mmIt's true.  I think my son has found his first true love.  He loves my Glock 23.  

Ok, he's only 12, and before you jump to the wrong conclusion you should know he's received the appropriate safety training, both formal and informal, has had about 8 hours of classroom time in firearms safety, and he's qualified Marksman and ProMarksman and working on his Advanced Handgun certification thru the NRA.

Everyone seems to fall in love with a Glock from the time you hold it in your hand.  Maybe it's the feel of the ergonomic grip or balance of the pistol that feel so much more natural than other guns. Maybe it's the crazy accuracy you can have for 100' target shooting, or insane reliability.

My 12-year old son Ryan doesn't care about that.  He just knows he likes to shoot it (here he's shooting the 9mm barrel in a .40 G23, but he shoots the regular .40 caliber too with no difficulty – I was just saving on ammo costs at the range a bit…).  "dad, that gun is cool…"  

If you're looking to get a versatile handgun or encourage other family members and youths about handgun safety and the fun of target shooting (forget target shooting, try shooting some melons or cheap shaken up 2-litre soda jugs — the kids will squeal for joy….), get your Glock and start teaching.

Besides, they are cool.

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