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GlockYourself.com is a hobby and community site dedicated to informing, entertaining, and sharing lessons about the Glock family of handguns.

We don't pretend to be experts nor should the information be relied upon for safety or instructional purposes.  If you're interested in firearms you should learn the proper way to safely handle, control, fire, clean, store, and load/unload them.  

I started this site out of my personal love affair with the Glock handgun.  Yes, I own them and fire them regularly, as do my family members, friends, and those who possess tactical weapons training that vastly exceeds my own — it's my hope that the information here is structured in a way that is useful for other Glock enthusiasts, particularly families and civilian users.  I also hope you benefit from the comments and reviews left from other visitors — Glock love runs deep…

For full disclosure, there are times and items shown on the site which we may receive compensation for showing or promoting.  In most cases, what you see are items and accessories that I have used or find value in myself, but on those items that I'm particularly fond of there may be a referral fee paid to us from providers.

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