Conceal & Carry Glocks

The proliferation of conceal & carry usage across America is empowering personal protection in ways we've never seen before.

And Glock handguns are leading the way, combining smaller but fully capable designs with unmatched Glock reliability.

Why Choose a Glock for Your Conceal & Carry Weapon?

More than any other weapon selection, you want your conceal handgun to work.  Every time.  Without fail.  

No other manufacturer can match Glock in reliability.  Dirt, lint, moisture, grime — there's a reason Police choose Glocks more than any other handgun.

If you've carried a handgun before for a conceal weapon, you know that after 10 hours in an inside the pant holster your weapon is exposed to a lot of abuse.  Lint from the cotton lining of your clothes, dirt from wind, heat or cold extremes, debris of all kinds can wreck havoc with the firing mechanisms for many handguns.  Especially the hyper sensitive designer guns and small boutique guns many users like to wear or carry (including in purses ladies).  

Don't risk your life in the unlikely but possible scenario of needing your weapon.  Hopefully you will never need to draw it, but if you do — be sure you are trained in it's use and it works.  Without fail. 

Which Glocks are The Best Options for Conceal & Carry?

There's a lot of personal choice here.  There's about a 1/2 inch difference in height and barrel length from the full size to the compact and sub-compact size options on Gen4 and Gen3 Glocks.

Most users will prefer the compact & subcompact sizes.  Unless you're using an outside the pant side holster (cowboy style, or concealed under a longer coat) the full size Glocks are just less comfortable.  

Compact Choices: (options by caliber)

Glock 19 (9mm)

Glock 23 (.40)

Glock 37 (.45)

Subcompact Choices: (slightly smaller than the Compacts, options by caliber)

Glock 26 (9mm)

Glock 27 (.40)

Glock 38 (.45)

Glock 30 (.45 Auto)

Picking the Right Concealment Glock Depending on Your Needs & Conditions / Situation

I have to admit, I prefer to have more than 1 option depending on my needs and clothing choices that day.  I even select different handguns based on how long I think I'll be wearing it that day.

I've tried multiple holster options, but prefer the inside the pant front (crotch pouch!) personally.  Why?  Try driving with the gun in the small of your back, or even on your side (inside the pant, even when cushioned by a soft holster) and it's just not that comfortable.  I'm really picky, and want it to be relative comfortable but easy/fast to draw.  

Personally, I usually opt for the smallest subcompact for my Concealment weapon, and it's usually my Glock 27.  It's small, has sufficient magazine capacity, and surprisingly I find that I'm actually more accurate with it than my Glock 23 (compact .40 rather than the subcompact G27 .40 caliber).  It's not supposed to be that way, but it is — my pinkie just barely fits on the bottom of the stock grip, but I really shoot well with it.  

You'll want to play around with what works for you.  What's your favorite?  I also use a S&W Bodyguard which is far smaller (only a .380) and includes a laser, but I honestly worry that it's wimp like reliability compared to the bulletproof Glock so I'll usually opt for the Glock.  

Choose wisely!

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