Conceal Carry Permits and Glocks

by dave on April 23, 2011

My wife and I completed day 2 (9 hours including range time and legal) for our conceal carry weapon permit.

The class was great, we we're lucky to get a phenomenal instructor and an off duty Supervisor for the town next to us that happened to teach the law portion.

Depending on where you live, the rules to get your CCW are fairly straight forward. This is a good and bad.  The good is that the Constitution grants the rights of course to bear arms and defend ourselves — a right I whole heartedly support and promote.  I also don't want the government involved to an extreme degree in usage, permissions, or restrictions.  The concern though wasn't in the class I took, but in the awareness that many people do a CCW class (at gun shows, etc.) and receive such a pathetically minimum degree of training and affirmation that it's negligent.

At least in Colorado, a relatively moderate to gun friendly state, the law says you must complete a gun safety class and be proficient in handgun use.  But there is no formal requirement to even prove that you know how to shoot.  I know people who attend a gun show, sit in a 3 hour class to hear an instructor say how awesome they are in handling a firearm, and then get their education certificate.  No time on the range, no nothing.

Now technically that officer (usually NRA instructors) is liable to the extent they may have to later certify that they signed off on the 'education' part of the training.  But it's a big loophole that there's zero firing line verification.  Trust me, I saw people who had never, ever, fired a gun get their permit to conceal carry to defend themselves — I"m not the only one.  I know, slippery slope and I'm certainly not one that wants or trusts government regulations — but I do think you need to do one way or the other.  Either require permit verification + education + true handling certification OR require no permit at all (think Vermont, my neighbors in Wyoming, and 2 other States). 

Either way, it was a great day.  Oh, and the cop who taught us — ya, he has a Glock 30.  Our main instructor — he's a dealer and has over 150 guns (I'm sure he does) — likes his Glocks too.  Most do – great for target shooting.  And check out their subcompacts for the even smaller CCW needs (especially in the summer). 

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