Date Night at the Indoor Range – Glock Style…

by dave on April 7, 2011

It was Friday night, and my wife surprised me by organizing a date night at the gun range in Littleton with our Glocks…  I sure do love that woman.

While it may not sound like that romantic a thing to do, think of it this way — we we're together, we had a great time, got away from the kids for awhile, and it was affordable.  

It had the side benefit of me getting to play with my two favorite girls — my wife, and my Glock 23.  

In fairness, my wife is the one who is mega excited to get her conceal & carry permit, and was excited to hit the range to do her Advanced Pistol NRA qualification to see how she would do firing her G23 (yes, she's got her own) with her non dominant hand and in the required distance, grouping, and time limits.  

We actually traveled out to the Shootist, the same indoor range that was featured briefly on Showtime's TV series titled "Lock 'n Load".  There we're no crowds and we're pleased to find 2 other couples there.  One even looked like they we're on a date night too – maybe we're actually setting a trend.

So next time you're thinking of what to do, think about the firing range.  Seriously…

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