Glock Sales Surge As Gun Hating Obama / Feinstein Legislation Nears

by dave on December 20, 2012

With the tragic events in Connecticut last week, committed by an underage criminal (who stole weapons from his mother, among them a Glock 9mm (G19 model we presume) on psychiatric meds, sales of semi-automatic handguns and ammunition are at record levels as President Obama and notorious gun hating senator Dianne Feinstein look to use the event to galvanize public sentiment against gun owners.

glock-2Senator Feinstein, who previously led the prior 1994 Clinton "Assualt" weapons ban, has been giving a few more details this week on the likely components to her legislation, but it's sure to include among other facets bans on what she calls "high capacity" magazines (note: high capacity we presume means >= 10 rounds, which would red flag every Glock too).  Some others have suggested it could include virtually all semi automatic firearms in general.  Even more disturbing to 2nd amendment defenders is her apparent tact to eliminate any grandfathering, meaning owners would be obligated to "turn in their evil guns" or be at risk of committing a felony possession.  I'm sure George Orwell in his novel 1984 could have used someone like Senator Feinstein as the totalitarian government official seeking to control the populace, all in the name of "protecting" the people.  

The legislation proposals are still being worked on, but all signs point to a fully supportive Obama administration led by the an ATF and contempt-of-congress implicated Attorney General Eric Holder as being ready to aggressively push thru legislation which would severely limit the rights of law abiding citizens in outright defiance of constitutional provisions.  Even if Congress refuses to go along with more limiting legislation targeting semi-automatic handgun inclusions, speculation is rampant the the President would simply overstep his true authority and issue an Executive Order.  History is ripe with examples of leaders doing the same, curtailing the rights of it's citizens to protect themselves — always in the name of "protecting" the citizens.

Because the events we're so heinous in Connecticut, the media and social circles are absolutely buzzing with comments — the vast majority of which are being postured by bloggers and media which have virtually no real context or research into the matters of gun rights, liberty, defense (this is about the right to bear arms & protect your family  — it is NOT about hunting or shooting sports).  

Semi-automatic handguns are by far the most popular and effective personal defense weapon in America.  Glocks in particular are the best selling, most widely owned handgun for good reason — they're ideal for defense, reliable, and affordable.  This is not a society problem that can be remedied by a single legislative action.  Individuals with serious mental stability concerns at risk to themselves or their community should be the primary focus (that is the common denominator in virtually all major shooting events, from Columbine and Aurora to Connecticut), and addressing the private party sales background check should be discussed as well — but stripping your rights away and stepping away from liberty and the right to defend your family is an inherent right (not a privilege) that cannot and should not be permitted by our representatives.  

The more restrictive the gun rules are, the higher the crime rates.  Take a look at Washington D.C. or Obama's own Chicago.  These are among the highest crime rates in the country.  Last we checked, criminals do not obey laws, but clearly it denies the right of law abiding citizens to participate, defend themselves, and exercise their rights should they choose to do so.  

Glock owners should watch the coming events closely, and actively participate and contact your elected representatives. Last I checked, Glock doesn't make a bolt action 1-round .22 caliber rifle, which is about the only firearm the administration and Senator Feinstein will likely want to still allow in circulation.  For now.  

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