Glock Shortages Are Rampant

by dave on February 17, 2013

glock-shelves1Nationwide shortages of Glock handguns continue as consumers rush to stores trying to protect themselves and purchase their favorite semi auto handgun before gun grabbing politicians (federal and state levels) enact new rules.

Reports from Glock officials of 10-month backlogs are becoming the norm, while even used Glock's are commanding top dollar among users seeking to find inventory and finding empty shelves or lengthy background check wait times.

Ammo is another issue, as almost all calibers are seeing hoarding and are in short supply.  What originally began as assault weapon caliber ammo buying has expanded to common calibers, including 9mm, .40, and .45.  Even bricks of .22 are running low, with unconfirmed reports that Walmart will no longer be ordering more supply and is simply drawing down their stocks.

Not only are Glock handguns and ammo seeing a run, we're also seeing reports from outlets like and similar after market vendors selling out of many of the most common accessories, including magazines (no surprise), some holsters, and barrels and even springs.  

How about your area?  Here in Colorado the surge and buying demand has been intense, and unfortunately our politicians are working with new democrat elected house & state senate & governor to enact what appears to be more ill advised, rights trampling regulations.  Colorado is set to ban magazines above 15 rounds (ridiculous, but I suppose better than the 10 round limitations many other states are considering and the Feinstein bill promises).  

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