Gun Range Date Night – Part 2

by dave on March 25, 2012

You might be a redneck if you go with your wife on date nights to the Gun Range.  I guess that includes me.  Again.

Leaving the kids behind we again went out to the range for an evening of brass and gunpowder to play with our beloved Glocks.

We again returned to the Shootist in Englewood, CO (where Showtime shot a season of reality TV a couple years ago, and not far from where American Guns in Golden is filmed).

Its winter so we shoot a little less than in the summer, and what shooting I have done has been sight ins on rifles for hunting and target shooting.  Time to get back to small arms.

The wife had fun with requalifying on her NRA shooting, including a load of 1-handed and non dominant arm shooting which is always fun for a change up.  

In addition to our Glocks, I rented a Sig .45 to get a feel for it's recoil (didn't like it, and I wasn't as accurate / used to it as my Glocks).  

Later that weekend we also took a drive to a local sporting good shop and I took a look at their selection (including new and used Glocks) – just looking…  Some wives like seafood.  Mine like's shooting boxes of .40 (she likes seafood too, but settles for ice cream and guns too).  

Still a redneck I guess…

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