Gunny Ermey Talks About Glocks

by dave on February 26, 2012

I've been a big fan of R. Lee Ermey (aka "Gunny") since I saw Full Metal Jacket 20 years ago.  Dude is hard as nails, direct, no b.s. former marine and it shows.

He's now a spokesman for Team Glock, and has some great comments about Glocks vs. other manufacturers.  He's spot on too, comparing Glocks to a comparable brand and see the difference, particularly in high use situations like running > 100 rounds and see how the slide and mechanism holds up to heat and compression.  

Not surprisingly, he also pontificates about caliber choices (he's a fan of the .45 and .40 caliber, not a big lover of the 9mm — at least for Police and Military use).  Enjoy (from Shooting Industry)

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