My First Glock

by dave on February 26, 2011

I puchased my first Glock in part out of emotion.

I was out Rock Mountain Guns and Ammo in Parker CO.  Brandon and staff there are great, they're a Glock affiliate but also have the usual assortment of Sigs, Berettta, S&Ws, Taurus, and a lot of other consignment handguns.  

I was there with my wife and was really looking at S&W models, especially their .45 ACP.  There's something about S&W and their Made in America history that really appeals to me.  

The Glocks are a different beast, as it seams people either love or hate the way they look.  I was actually pretty neutral, but had honestly never held one.  The staff there started to show me the differences, most importantly being not just the lower cost but the steadfast reliability and versatility the Glock brings.  It's a different kind of gun, and although it's one of the best selling handguns in the world (by brand and individual model) you really have to hold and fire one to truly appreciate their weight.

The polymer frame and balancing of the metal slide feels really nice in my hand.  It just clicked.  When the crew showed me how easy it was to strip, I was floored.  Incredibly simple, fast, painless.  My 10 year old can do this (and since has, many times).  The fit and balance of the Glocks is just ideal.

My wife was skeptical, but the next day we fired it and she was sold by the time the 1st magazine was empty.  So much for the hard sale.  She's now a full blooded Glock girl.  

Let the journey begin…  

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