Sheriffs Sue to Halt Crazy Colorado Gun Magazine Laws

by dave on May 20, 2013

Nearly every Sheriff in Colorado (except the liberal republic of Boulder) has joined in a lawsuit to stop the ridiculous magazine (15 round capacity maximum) limit law passed by the Colorado legislature this year and set to go into effect in July.


While some constituents have argued the Sheriff's have a duty to enforce the laws passed by the legislators, I think the Sheriff's have it right and that they also took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution, and if a law is passed that is by definition unconstitutional (or reasonably interpreted that way, that's where this will be decided) that they should contest it and at a minimum refuse to enforce it.  

Seems like the intent should be to enforce the laws we already have, rather than create new ridiculous ones from law makers who want to score political points but have zero awareness or knowledge about the items they're trying to regulate (Rhonda Fields and other Colorado state legislators, this means you).  

In the meantime, for firearm owners and Glock fans, the message locally has been clear.  Stock up, assuming you can even find any, because those magazines that fit your stock 9mm Glock are about to be outlawed and make you a criminal (alright, so you're grandfathered in, but can't transfer it or give it to your son legally, etc., so it's ridiculous).  

The saga continues, and is being played out across the nation.  Unfortunately, for me living in Colorado the trend has been far too liberal and rights degrading.  Last I checked, limiting the rights of a homeowner, citizen, women, minorities, etc. from being able to lawfully defend themselves is the wrong way to go.  

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