Testing the Glock 27 against its Big Brother the Glock 23

by dave on May 22, 2011

We we're out at the gun range near Ramah yesterday for about 4 hours.  My purpose (while the rest of the family toyed with Advanced Marksmanship qualifications and my 10-year old plinked prairie dog cutouts) — test our new Glock 27 subcompact against my compact Glock 23.  

We picked up our G27 at Bass Pro in Denver a few weeks ago, wanting to stay with the native .40 calliber but take advantage of it's smaller handle.  We also just got (last week) our conceal carry permits and I'm thinking the Glock 27 will be better suited for concealment than it's larger G23 (let alone a full size).  We also have an awesome S&W Bodyguard (.380 with a laser sight, a total steal at $325/new if you can find one in stock anywhere – we just got lucky while @ Bass Pro).  

I was really wanting to see how the Glock 27 would do for control, since I have medium sized hands but even for me my dominant hand pinkie is left hanging by the shorter handle.  I used a series of targets at 15 and 25' and test groupings and control.  The results totally surprised me.

Despite having a smaller grip, I noticed no difference in recoil.  This is even though I have a stronger after market all-steel spring in my G23, the Glock 27 was really comparable as far as recoil and target reacquisition.  I wasn't expecting that.  The dangling pinkie?  Yep, and I thought it would bug me, but to my surprise — it didn't.  In fact, through 3 magazines (13 shots for the G23 each time) for each gun I was even more consistent and accurate with the Glock 27 subcompact than my normal G23.  Didn't matter if it was the closer 15' vs. the 25' either, even on testing head shots.  

I have ordered some separate Glock conceal holsters to try for both guns, and have been testing the Glock 23 with inside the pants holsters (behind the back and on the side) and neither has worked very well – everyone is different, but the behind the back is a major hassle (especially sitting in the car, etc.).  More on holsters and a full review later.

In the meantime, I am quite happy with my G27.  Shocked actually.  We had actually rented a Glock 27 at the shooting range a couple months ago and honestly it was only average — which goes to show you that an abused or heavily used handgun isn't necessarily going to perform like the real deal.  More long term updates soon.  Welcome to the family G27.  

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David Gile February 26, 2013 at 9:32 pm

I have had the very same experience. I have been shooting all kinds of handguns for many years. I have a glock 27 and a glock 23, and I consistantly shoot a closer group with the 27. Go figure!? 


Dave April 24, 2013 at 9:53 am

I have had a Glock 27 for many years and I agree that it shoots better patterns than my Glock 22. As far as the dangling pinkee goes, Glock has a solution. You can go to a gun store and purchase replacement butt plate made by Glock that allows you to put one more round in the magazine and it extends the magazine to allow the shooter the have all fingers on the gun. Hence, no more dangling pinkee. There is also no issue with this addition as far as concealability. I have three magazines for my 27 and I bought the replacement butt plate for all three. I have two magazines set up with practice rounds and one magazine is loaded up with personal protection rounds. Happy Shooting!


Mark April 26, 2014 at 10:50 am

I have a Glock 26 and found a solution to the pinkie issue….instead of using the index finger for triggering I use the middle finger and nest the index finger directly on top which puts two fingers on the grip… this allows for clearance from the slide to avoid injury….this works just as well on my Glock 19 due to size of my hands…..using the index finger didn't allow for a firmer grip and this works well for me and possible others wanting to give it a whirl


Tim May 25, 2018 at 10:09 pm

The sub compact 27 fits your hand so when you are firing it is not difficult to control. The recoil is absorbed in your skeletal structure. The mag extension adds enough to the grip for very little if any subconscious movement. Giving that all your shooting fundementals are correct. Thus there is very litlle movent of the weapon in your grip. Your middle finger and thumb are the grip. The lower 2 fingers add support along with your support hand. Better recovery or followup shots.


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